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Upholstery Fabric

Upholstery Fabric & Trimmings

The most exciting part is choosing the fabric. Do you want a plain or a pattern? Do you want it to tone with your existing furniture or be a statement piece? How much use is the piece of furniture going to get – does it sit in a corner looking pretty or will it be used day in and day out by you and your family and maybe even your pets?

I can help you choose the right fabric for the right application. There is also the important factor of furnishing regulations to adhere to.

Please start to be inspired - enjoy looking at the vast array of fabrics available from my suppliers by clicking on the following links. If you see something you like contact me via the contact form to arrange samples and get a price. Or please telephone me. I can also use your own fabric as long as it is suitable and I am very happy to offer advice here.

If you just want to buy fabric without upholstery work please again have a look at the beautiful fabrics available and contact me for a price or samples – I price as competitively as possible.